Different Bodies and Family Guy

A collection of 19 new essays by 21 different authors, edited by Marja Mogk, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair of English, which focuses on contemporary film and television which features a chapter, co-written by Mckeown and Dr. Paul Darke on the excellent cartoon series 'Family Guy'.

"Are they laughing with us or at us?" Disability in Fox's Animated Series Family Guy by Mckeown and Dr. Paul Darke 

Mckeown and Dr. Paul Darke co-wrote the chapter "Are they laughing with us or at Us?" Disability in Fox's Animated Series Family Guy which considers the role and history of animation with regard to the cultural presentation of disability, focusing on the episode 'Extra large Medium' which includes a Down Syndrome person in both the storyline and acting. This episode was extremely controversial in the USA not least because it referred to the politician Sarah Palin and was lambasted by Fox's news channel, the same company that publishes Family Guy. Mckeown and Darke argue that satire, done correctly, is imperative in developing a different and inclusive cultural relationship with disability.

Different Bodies (Amazon Link)

"This is a collection of 19 new essays by 21 different authors from the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia and India. It focuses on contemporary film and television (1989 to the present) from those countries as well as from China, Korea, Thailand and France. The essays are divided into three sections. The first and second, entitled "Disability on Screen: Critical Reflections," include critical readings of narrative film and television respectively. The third, entitled "Disability in Production and Reception: Critical Reflections," includes essays on documentaries, biopics and autobiographically-informed films, and an essay on audience reactions to a television series. The book as a whole is designed to be accessible to readers new to disability studies, while also contributing significantly to the field. An introduction provides a background in disability studies and an appendix of suggested reading in disability studies is provided." 

Edited by the inspired Marja Mogk, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair of English, California Lutheran University, California, USA. 

Recent customer reviews on Amazon include:

on April 11, 2014
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Great collection of reviews on a topic within film theory that does not get enough attention. This is the most up to date collection of essays on the topic, and the fantastic references provide a very comprehensive guide to those wanting to delve deeper into the topic and history of disability studies.
on January 25, 2014
Format: Paperback
Great collection of essays, especially on non-European/American cinema and contemporary television programmes. The introduction is particularly of interest to anyone wishing to get to grips with the ideas around disability representation and some of the key debates such as 'normalcy' and the Social Model, It is clearly written and covers many of the major areas. Would definitely be of help to early career researchers or students of film/media or disability studies.
on January 8, 2014
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
The introduction is an insightful primer on the concepts of disability and the essays offer a broad look at the surprisingly frequent and essential, but often unnoticed, role that disability plays in so many movies and TV shows around the world. Very enlightening.