Games & TV

Simon was Head of 3D/Animation on the seminal computer game series ‘Driver’ (Driver, Driver2, Driv3r, consultant- Driver Parallel Lines) and ‘Stuntman’ along with several unpublished games – all for Reflections Interactive based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK with publishers GT Interactive, Infogrames and Atari. ‘Driver’ 1 was the biggest selling game world wide game of 2000 and both the game and Reflections Interactive studio received many accolades including numerous Game of Year awards as well as a BAFTA award in 1999.

Over a 20 year period Simon has worked on numerous Television projects. His most recent work includes special effects for ‘Coronation Street’, ‘A Touch of Frost’, ‘Wire in the Blood’ and ‘At Home with the Braithwaites’. He is an experienced on-set digital special effects director and has many years experience in post production. He started work In1987 with one of the UK’s first digital production companies called Electric Image, based in Soho in London, where he worked for the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and all manner of production companies from the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He then went on to be Head of Post Production for several years at MGB Facilities in Leeds, UK before joining Reflections Interactive.

Please find below some images from various productions.