DaDaFest 2010

DaDaFest International 2010 saw Simon Mckeown awarded International Artist of the Year

DaDaFest International 2010 was a hugely exciting international exhibition which showcased the talent of a huge array of international artists from around the world. Garry Robson, Artistic Director of the festival created a brilliant spectacle. 

Ruth Gould,  Chief Executive Officer, DaDa – Disability and Deaf Arts described the programme as as a "brilliant mix that inspires and celebrates talent and excellence in disability and deaf arts, the key aim in the work of DaDa. Garry Robson has done a marvellous job in bringing together artists from across the globe to explore the theme of Objects of Curiosity and Desire, investigating identity and our place in an ever changing world."

During the festival Mckeown showcased work at the Bluecoat Gallery as well as undertaking a huge projection, based on his work Motion Disabled,  onto the iconic Mersey Tunnel George Dock Ventilation building on December 3rd 2010. At the same time in Glasgow his work was also projected onto the side of the Glasgow Metropolitan College as part of DaDa International Scotland. Additionally Mckeown had similar work shown around the world at the same time. 

Like the plot of the movie Inception, DaDaFest International 2010 is about planting an idea. In this
case the idea that Disabled and d/Deaf people are not simply passive consumers of a ‘tragic’ destiny but active participants in all areas of life, with a unique and valuable cultural perspective. With the high quality and stimulating work on show this year I think we can rest our case. Highlights this year have been the development of
the festival outside the North West with the inaugural DaDaFest International Scotland whilst at the same time to grow in stature internationally, with artists coming
from as far afield as Uganda, India, South Africa and Japan. But just as importantly we have been able to forge producing relationships with a number of key venues and festivals in Liverpool. For whilst the festival will continue
to grow over the next decade as it has done in its first ten years, it is only able to do this because it is strongly rooted in the City of Liverpool and its people. I hope you enjoy.