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Motion Disabled Unlimited featured as part of the excellent Deutsches Hygiene Museum exhibition entitled Tanz! in Dresden, Germany throughout 2013 and 2014. This exhibition was one of their most successful to date with huge numbers of visitors.

"People have always danced – all over the world and at all times. We dance in endless variations, on all sorts of occasions, and across cultures. Dance allows us to express what we have always found moving: whether it’s the joy we feel at being alive or the anxieties of life itself; whether it’s uninhibited ecstasy or regimented discipline. Dance is not just a fun leisure activity, or an art form. Indeed, dance has always mirrored the social conditions in which it emerged and, in turn, has had a retroactive effect on those conditions. In their day innovative forms of movement have often got things moving on a larger scale, too, whether it was a Viennese waltz or rock ‘n’ roll, breakdancing or punk. By questioning inherited traditions and challenging conventions, new dance styles experiment with social role models and bring about a shift in the relationships between genders and generations."

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Motion Disabled Unlimited featured as a part of Tanz (Dance! - Moves that Move Us) between October 12th, 2013 and July 20th 2014 and featured both Paralympic and ordinary movements from the overall Motion Disabled archive. The launch event was a complete sell out with the Deutsches Hygiene Museum absolutely full both at the official launch and at the evening events thereafter. 

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During the nine months of the exhibition’s ran, around 100,000 visitors came to see and experience the show making it one of the Deutsches Hygiene Museums Top 10 exhibitions of the past decade!

There was strong interest shown by the media in the exhibition, and large attendance numbers of the special events and education programs. The exhibition catalogue and companion to the exhibition Tanz!/Dance! was also a major hit making the exhibition overall a major success.

Mckeown featured on both local and national BBC - need links

Motion Disabled Unlimited featured in the Tanz! exhibition guide along side West Side Story, William Forsythe, Ernst Ludvig Kirhcner and Rudolf von Laban in what was called the 'Archive' section of the exhibition.


tanz launch intro dresden.jpgPress Launch with Colleen M Schmitz, Curator and Head of the DHM Exhibition Office



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Tanz! exhibition website and pages

tanz launch night dresden.jpgExhibition launch in Dresden October 2013

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